How Transport Ideals Downscale with Time…

How transport ideals downscale with time…

At age 5:

No limits

‘…the bunk-bed can be my spaceport.’

At age 15:


‘I’ll have one in red as well’.

At age 25:

'What speed-camera? Oh'.

‘I’m gonna book that Silverstone track day’.

At age 35:

'It's the 2.0L turbo diesel so it shifts".

“It’s the 2.0L turbo diesel”.

At age 45:

'I'm riding 60miles this weekend'.

“I’m riding 60miles every weekend”.

At age 55:

Walking boots

“Might do the coastal path next summer”.

At age 65:


“St. Lucia looks nice”.


Infant Logic

Daughter No.1: Mummy, what’s Daddy doing?

MsUrbanDaddy: He’s trimming his beard.

Daughter No.1: Why has he got a beard? Is it because he drinks a lot of beer?

I love infant logic!

Presumably, W.G. Grace owned a brewery

Presumably, W.G. Grace owned a brewery…

She’ll Wait a Long Time For Me…

The UrbanDaddy family are heading out to the Midlands tomorrow. An early start is required.

So when I got back from a light after-work drink this evening, to relieve MsUrbanDaddy so she could rush off to babysit her niece, it wouldn’t have been unreasonable for her to expect me to prepare the way for a quick start tomorrow. Pack my clothes, maybe.

MsUrbanDaddy left at 7.20pm. It’s now… later than that. Somehow, my clothes remain unpacked.

I blame the internet. I stumbled upon this video of ancient rockers 10cc playing that song. No issues there, surely? Watch it; don’t watch it. Move on. Except, TheUrbanDaddy is a bit of a sucker for a good cheesy ballad, particularly when he’s had a drink.

So I moved on to the sofa, where you can find me still. I’ve got about 15 browser tabs open and iTunes is into me for a tenner. MsUrbanDaddy is home and has rolled her eyes at me. She now suggests we go to bed.

Ooooohhh – she’ll wait a long time for me…

3 Feet High, and Rising

Growing is one of the things that my eldest daughter does with gusto.

Yesterday, MsUrbanDaddy managed to keep the old boss still long enough to mark her up against a height chart on her bedroom wall. It seems our number one daughter is 3 feet high, and rising.

Naturally, this got me thinking: What other album titles describe my daughter? And once that happened, another list blog was pretty inevitable, really.

Here’s my shortlist; take them and run with them. You know you want to.

Bruce Springsteen – Born to Run.

Florence and the Machine – Lungs.

Meat Loaf – Bat out of Hell.

Iggy Pop – Lust For Life.

The Rolling Stones – Sticky Fingers. (Jam, usually. Or Weetabix)

Guns ‘n Roses – Appetite for Destruction.

Michael JacksonOff the Wall.

Bright Eyes – I’m Awake, it’s Morning.