The (Sub)Urbandaddy

The living room is a Bikini atoll of furniture, toys and dust-sheets, erupting from a beige carpet. There are unpacked boxes everywhere. The new loft contains everything we took out of the old loft, except for the stuff that is now in the garage, a place where the previous occupant actually used to park her car. I mean, where did she put her stuff?

One wet afternoon back in February, sober and possessed of all our faculties, MsUrbanDaddy and I decided that we should move house and have a third child at the same time. Well, how hard could it be? Ha! Idiots! Unsurprisingly, It’s been four and a half months since I wrote a blog post…

Still, it’s done. Our first floor casino chip in SW17 has been cashed in for a place out in North Kent commuter belt. Three kids, a semi- detached house in the ‘burbs, a VW Touran – I’m gonna need a new name for the blog…

No running with the dogs here.

The (Sub)UrbanDaddy…


2 thoughts on “The (Sub)Urbandaddy

  1. LOL. I wondered why there was a “sub” before your name.

    Congrats on the move. Time can really fly between 3 kids, moving, and trying to keep up with life. It’s hard to get any posts out at all. I know I have about 250 posts in my draft folder, and every time I sit down at night to fix, post and schedule them, I’m out by the time my laptop loads.

    Keep up the great work!


    • Thanks Warren. You’re so right; trying to write posts and keep up with life is pretty tricky. Between my eldest and her plans for world domination, the middle one who is still at the cute-but-crazy stage and the baby who has a klaxon for a cry and will use it all night when she’s in the mood, it’s been hard to turn the posts in my head into proper blog material. My laptop ends up as a pillow more often than I like to admit! It’s good to know I’m not alone. Thanks for reading!


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