Things To Do Before You’re 41

Turning 40I found myself reading the highly entertaining blog Always Time for Biscuits the other day and noticed that the author has a list of things to do before he is 40.

I’ve missed the boat on that one, I’m afraid.

TheUrbanDaddy turned 40 just over a month ago. The big four-oh. Half-way around. Nine holes down. Score? A couple over par.

At least, that’s how it feels, sometimes. There’s the standard-issue half-time concerns – I should definitely be fitter, for example. My old friend the Buddha-Belly, who used to visit me only at Christmas, now appears to have moved in (I wouldn’t mind, but he eats all the biscuits).

Beyond that though, beyond Buddha’s Digestives fetish, or the advance of salt through hair that was once pepper, there’s a persistent, nagging feeling… that I’m under-achieving. There, I’ve said it. I know when this feeling started – about the time I started looking after the girls. And I know the feeling is absurd because in many ways, that’s about the time I started over-achieving: stay-at-home dad some days, freelance producer on others; Daddy day-care, followed by an evening shift in the creative suite. It’s considerably harder than my previous life, wrapped up in the duvet of a five-day working week. I constantly stretch between my two roles; sometimes not quite reaching either. Maybe that’s what is gnawing at me.

So what to do, when there’s a bit too much juggling and not enough fanfare? It’s time for me to set myself a few goals. Some things to do before I’m… well, 41. I’ve got four so far:

  • Get published in print.
  • Learn 10 songs and go busking.
  • Swim 100 metres (that’s a long way for me, in water).
  • Speak French fluently.

I know- it’s fairly tame stuff, but I don’t really fancy abseiling from space, or the like. When my eldest goes to nursery in September, I might commit to some more. Until then, I’m open to inspiration…


2 thoughts on “Things To Do Before You’re 41

  1. Only just seen this list. I much prefer to read a list of achievable, interesting goals instead a page full of ‘pogo stick to China’ and ‘become a lion tamer’. Good luck with them all!

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