Hello, I’m the Urban Daddy (no, the other one).

Okay, I’m the other, other one…

My name’s Nev, I live in London (no, the other one, in England) and I mostly blog about the astonishing variety of rings that my children run around me. If you’ve arrived at my blog from Freshly Pressed, you’re probably expecting me to understand hockey. I will let you down.

Still, I’ve written a few posts now, so, while you’re here, feel free to make a brew and have a look through. And if you want dad musings with at least the possibility of ice hockey talk, you can find the wonderful, Toronto-based Urban Daddy here.


2 thoughts on “Hello, I’m the Urban Daddy (no, the other one).

  1. Oops. 🙂 Thanks for the re-direct.

    I’ve actually come by to read your blog and I like it! Keep up the great work. As long as people are interested and reading (and maybe commenting here and there) then it’s good news all around.


    • Thanks for the comments, Urban Daddy. I look forward to more parenting, politics and common sense from Toronto (and the child who may or may not be related to you has a great point about illegally parked police giving out tickets!)


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