I Wanna Be Air-dored

It’s breakfast time. For once, the children are actually eating their food, rather than just re-decorating the kitchen with it. Start The Week is counteracting the coffee I’ve just drunk, so Radio 4 is jettisoned in favour of 6-Music. The Stone Roses pay me instant dividends with I Wanna Be Adored and I do what I often do whilst listening to music in the comfort of my own home – I start air-drumming.

I catch a peripheral movement and turn around to find my youngest daughter, also air drumming. That is to say, she is mainly waving her arms, a gesture which more normally means she wants the sippy cup. But she’s in time with the beat, her eyes are locked onto mine and her mouth is curled into a grin. She’s feeling it.

Suddenly, imaginary snare-drums and high-hats are no longer enough. As the ‘Roses take it to the bridge, I let fly, hammering invisible crash cymbals.  The one year-old follows me enthusiastically. For an instant, our connection is absolute.

It’s at this point that my eldest daughter decides to hit a crash cymbal of her own:

“Are we listening to Old MacDonald, Daddy?”

This comment rather breaks the spell. I lower my hands.

“No, Sweetheart, it’s…. “

I look from elder back to younger. She’s still waving – only now she is staring at the sippy-cup.

She really is thirsty. And I really am a man stood in a kitchen waggling his hands about, while his daughters – who discern no difference between a Stone Roses classic and ‘Old MacDonald Had a Farm‘ – look on in bemusement.

For the remainder of the record, I restrict myself to air bass guitar.

Do you honestly know any dads who don't? I thought not!

Just like daddy, but with real drums…


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