The Daddy Dossier

top secret





Received: 05/02/2013 14.55 G.M.T.

Type: Surveillance

Location: Kitchen

Present: MsUrbanDaddy; Daughter No1.


MsUrbanDaddy: Sweet-heart… Sweet-heart, come and talk to mummy for a minute.


MsUrbanDaddy: Can you come and talk to mum for a bit, lovely?


MsUrbanDaddy: Can you get up off the floor and talk to mum? Just –

[Daughter No.2 can be heard crying from another room]

MsUrbanDaddy: Ok – just sit on the floor, then, and talk with mum, please?


MsUrbanDaddy: That’s right, you sit on the chair and talk with mum. Now…

Sweet-heart… if you shout and scream and lie on the floor like

that, I can’t understand what you want…


MsUrbanDaddy: Next time you’re upset, instead of screaming, just

tell mummy what’s wrong. OK? Then I can help you feel better.


MsUrbanDaddy: Can you do that, then, lovely? Can you try to stop shouting next time?

Daughter No1: No.



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