Last Day of the Year

Well, I’m writing this, which means I’ve survived.  If you’re reading this, presumably you did, too. Relief all round…

So what other experiences have we had in common this Christmas? Let’s see…

Did you –

  • Leave all your present buying until the last week?
  • Find yourself playing Russian roulette with online delivery times?
  • Contemplate making some ‘Queen Boudicca’s Chariot’ style modifications to the buggy, in a desperate attempt to claim pavement space (that’s the Christmas spirit)?
  • Spend a day or two shoe-horned into the 20percent of the car that wasn’t taken up by presents?
  • Eat your own body-weight in mince pies?
  • Watch as the baby’s cold spread through your extended family?

Ok, so it was just me adding bull-bars to the Phil and Ted’s.

Last day of the year today. MsUrbanDaddy and I are having some old friends round for the evening. If we can convince the six under-4s we have to sleep, we may even get to talk to each other!

Happy New Year to you all.


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