The Stork Shuffle

The Question. It had to be asked, someday – and today was the day.

“How did I get into your tummy, Mummy?”

Despite having had years to prepare a response to The Question, I find myself staring intently at the kettle, as if about to remove a splinter from its imaginary hand. Well, she is talking to her Mum, I rationalize. By now, my sheer spinelessness had given me a fit of the giggles.

MsUrbanDaddy has a slightly more coherent reply. “One day Daddy and I decided that we wanted a baby, so we grew you in my tummy”. See how natural that was?

How natural it was.  Tapas on Vauxhall Bridge Road; July heat still radiating from the walls; a waitress who looked at us both as if she already knew.

Daughter no.1 has a slightly different concept of it all: “Did I shuffle into your tummy, Mummy?”

It’s more like a dance, Petal.


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