She’ll Wait a Long Time For Me…

The UrbanDaddy family are heading out to the Midlands tomorrow. An early start is required.

So when I got back from a light after-work drink this evening, to relieve MsUrbanDaddy so she could rush off to babysit her niece, it wouldn’t have been unreasonable for her to expect me to prepare the way for a quick start tomorrow. Pack my clothes, maybe.

MsUrbanDaddy left at 7.20pm. It’s now… later than that. Somehow, my clothes remain unpacked.

I blame the internet. I stumbled upon this video of ancient rockers 10cc playing that song. No issues there, surely? Watch it; don’t watch it. Move on. Except, TheUrbanDaddy is a bit of a sucker for a good cheesy ballad, particularly when he’s had a drink.

So I moved on to the sofa, where you can find me still. I’ve got about 15 browser tabs open and iTunes is into me for a tenner. MsUrbanDaddy is home and has rolled her eyes at me. She now suggests we go to bed.

Ooooohhh – she’ll wait a long time for me…


2 thoughts on “She’ll Wait a Long Time For Me…

  1. Hello! Enjoying the blog! I am one of MsUrbanDaddy’s old pals from somerset & it’s nice to hear about you all. I have been inspired to set up my own blog, have a look if you get the chance! It’s slightly different subject matter to yours but I did just write about teenagers which could be a theme for you in a few years time……….
    P.s. have to say I prefer Art for Arts Sake from the 10cc back catalogue…….

    • Glad you’re enjoying the blog, Dimbles. The twos may be even trickier than the teens – all the mood-swings, in a child that occasionally still poos herself. TBF I might be eating those words in a decade or so… Keep up the good work on your blog!

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