Efficiency lessons for TheUrbanWallace

Much like a typical day for MsUrbanDaddy

I recently asked MsUrbanDaddy for her take on life with two kids in tow. My thoughts on the subject tend to be pretty flowery. A pinball journey between frustration and joy. A love affair, basically.

So what did she say?

“My life is a series of efficiency measures…

I’ve never thought of it that way before.

“…it’s all planning and tactics to save time: put a wash on before breakfast, feed the toddler, then the wash will finish and I can give her a task, like hanging out the socks on the rack, while I breastfeed the baby and try to plan some of their meals for the week…”

Oh. No pinball?

No. MsUrbanDaddy is too busy working out how to keep the plates spinning. She’s not some kind of organisational virtuoso – she just thinks about it, in detail. Me? I’m more of a broad-brush kind of guy.

Still, this dour assessment comes as a bit of a shock to me. I’m a Hands-On Dad, after all! I’m home with them almost as much as she is. I thought we were pulling this train together!

Maybe we are. The thing is, MsUrbanDaddy is also laying down the track as we go, Gromit style, while TheUrbanWallace just chugs along, oblivious.


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