A Kid’s No.1 Adversary? The Smartphone

Undivided attention – a man spends some time with his smartphone.

There’s a new games app coming out.
It features a small hero(ine) called The Kid, who travels through an increasingly complex game-scape in search of the holy-grail – Mum and Dad’s Undivided Attention (MaDUA).

The Kid has to overcome some implacable adversaries. Like the Work Monster, which kidnaps one or both parents for an entire day at a time. Then there’s the Sibling-Bots, who are trying to get to MaDUA first, so they can blame The Kid for the cereal-mountain on the kitchen floor, and the newly crayoned lounge walls. If that wasn’t enough, there’s the Football-On-The-Telly Demon, a glass-eyed, stone-hearted fiend who renders everything that is not football-on-the-telly both invisible and soundless (mysteriously, its powers only seem to work when Daddy is watching).
And on the final level, The Kid faces the ultimate foe:

The Smart-phone.

Nothing can snatch MaDUA from The Kid quite as suddenly, or for so little good reason as the smart-phone, with its secret communication beams, its app-traps and its social-media W.M.D.  The Kid will have to deploy maximum tantrum to wrest MaDUA from Smartphone’s clutches…

Between you and I, the serious gamers are saying The Kid brings a little too much verité for a  fantasy game. I don’t know how true that is.
What I do know is that my iPhone lost a fight with a toilet a few months ago. And ever since then, there’s been just a little bit more MaDUA to go around.


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