Baby Makes Four: Finding Our Range with One Extra

Feed. Wind. Settle.

Feed. Wind. Nappy. Another nappy. Settle.

10 o’clock. Midnight. The small hours. All of them, I think.

MsUrbanDaddy and I are well and truly back on the carousel. Our new boss (another girl!) is 12 days old and leading us both a merry dance, if not until dawn, at least through the earliest of the morning. So far, so familiar.

And, of course, completely different. It’s another learning curve; maybe not as steep as the first time (feed-wind-settle is routine) but still tricky. Just over a week ago, we were flexible; a family which, when it suited, became a couple with a child. That change of emphasis meant one of us could eat or hold a conversation with another adult, which in turn raised the prospect of a pint in a pub garden with friends.

Now, the tag-team parenting of the last two years is altered and there’s no time outside the ropes; we simply swap between one-on-one jousting sessions as the new family equation demands. Feed. Dress. Swap. Wind. Settle. Swap.

We may have a new boss but she’s just happy to keep us awake at night. The old boss, however, can walk, talk, move our stuff and pull objects off kitchen counters. She’s always been good at doing the exact opposite of what she is bid; since the new baby came home, she has raised her game! Most of this is to reclaim some of the attention we naturally give to the baby. I suppose she’s just figuring out how our new family works, too.

It’s hard at the moment, but it is absolutely flippin’ awesome, too. I have two children. Two daughters! I can’t quite believe my luck. I do not have to think about them particularly hard for tears to well. I’m just reminding myself that parenting is not a tightrope – it’s a range.

So that’s the four of us right now; awake, amazed and trying to find our range.


2 thoughts on “Baby Makes Four: Finding Our Range with One Extra

  1. A real shift of gears isn’t it Nev.. Everyone muddling through finding their place in the new family dynamic, it definitely takes time. Lola is 10 months now and there is still a lot of ‘muddling’ going on in our house!
    I am really enjoying your blog Nev, all very familiar and very true.. Like you said it is one seriously huge learning curve thats for sure but we wouldn’t change it for the world eh cos it is, flippin awesome! Love to all 4 of you from all 4 of us..
    Em, Phil, Oli and Lola x

    • Hi Ems, thanks for following the blog. It’s reassuring to hear that we’re not the only ones muddling through. I’m wondering how long I’ve got before my eldest realizes that I’m winging it most of the time.
      Who am I kidding; she probably already knows!

      Big love to the Broadhursts!

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