Sharing the Spotlight: Baby No. 2

Something big is about to happen.

We’ve been through it before and we know roughly what to expect. MsUrbanDaddy is going to do the hard work; my job is to anchor and support, while keeping the worry on the inside. All being well, we return to milk, small nappies and sleepless nights, sometime next week…

I say ‘we’ know what to expect but that’s not true; one of us has no idea.

We have, of course, told her all about it, and she is very excited. She has watched me haul bags of small clothes out of the loft. She has sat on my lap through countless readings of ‘There’s a House Inside My Mummy’ (the ‘tummy telephone’ is in constant use). As much as possible for a two year-old, she knows what’s going to happen – she just doesn’t know what’s coming.

She’s going to have to share the spotlight; the glow of our love and undivided attention. These are not commodities she’s ever had to compete for. Above all, for a while at least, she’s going to have to relinquish mum! In her tiny-tott way, I think she already knows this, which may be why she doesn’t seem to want to let mum get too far out of sight. Dad may be fun but, right now, Mum’s the one…

So TheUrbanDaddy is after some good advice – what are your experiences introducing a new baby to your first born? How did your first handle it, and what are your tips for making it easier on the eldest?


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