Toddler Tantrums: Comedy Gold

So, I have a daughter who is nearly two.

I always thought the ‘terrible twos’ was a rather shrill cliché. As it turns out, it’s closer to euphemism.

It’s also, I’ve learned, a misrepresentation. That 15 minute floppy-fit in a busy thoroughfare this morning was actually an expression of yearning for some form of control, some leverage.

None of which knowledge makes a tantrum any less annoying to put up with.

So, The Urban Daddy has been taking notes…

1. I’m learning the territory: My daughter’s skies tend to darken when she’s tired or still sulking about something else.

2. I make an arse of myself: A mid-range hissy-fit can sometimes be nipped in the bud with a quick Mr. Tumble impression (my Mr. Tumble impersonation is rubbish. Maybe that’s why it works).

3. I pick my battles: My daughter has more stamina than me. I let the low-level stuff slide.

4. I’m learning to feint: Here’s a snippet of a conversation between my daughter and me the other day…

Me: Can Daddy have his phone back?

Daughter: Mine!

Me: No – give it to Daddy please

Daughter:  Mine! Waaaaaa!

Here’s how it should have gone:

Me: Want to play Duplo bricks?

Daughter: Yay!

Me: OK, you start. *Quietly moves phone to high shelf*

5.  I’m learning to love her tantrums: Every so often, my daughter’s hissy-fits contain moments of pure comedy gold; often she’ll over-cook her protest and stray into parody. That moment is my (and her) ticket out of the mayhem.


5 thoughts on “Toddler Tantrums: Comedy Gold

      • Oh there’s a whole load of distractions out there, over and beyond Duplo, no doubt you’ll have to side step to play dough etc in time but that’s cool.

        Had to laugh at your comment ‘come in handy’.Here in the land of Lederhosen, they refer to mobile phones as a ‘handy’, so I would love to take these two little blog entries to demonstrate my language learners how to use and not abuse the term ‘handy’ . Is that is ok with you.?

        Don’t suppose you know anybody in London that would be interested in selling Usborne books do you? I have quite a big EU team, but keep getting leads for events in London & Bristol that I cannot do, kind of frustrating really. It’s just 19 pounds to join in May and you get an incredible 140 pounds worth of stuff in your starter kit! Have a think for me please – thanks! 🙂

      • I can’t help you with your book sales problem Coco, but I’m happy for you to use the blog to show to your class. Best of luck!

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