Urban Dadding

My daughter is not a patient child.

Of course, under-twos aren’t exactly renowned for their high tolerances but even so, my kid is in a real hurry to get what she wants. Especially when she doesn’t know what she wants.

She’s stubborn (like her mum) and direct (older folks know this as rudeness). And, in common with all self-respecting twos, she’s capable of the most spectacular, swooning tantrums, in any cause, at any waking moment.

All of which makes her pant-wettingly good fun, if, occasionally, a bit of a pain in the night-garden.

I’m a freelance editor. Sometimes I’m very busy; other times, frankly, unemployed. The one saving grace of what is a pretty uncertain livelihood is that I get to spend a lot of time with my daughter and I love it – even the tantrum-y bits. I love dadding!

I called this blog The Urban Daddy because I live in an urban area and I’m a dad. I also see a lot of other week-day dads out there, acknowledging each other with curt head-nod and knowing smile.

This is my dad’s-eye view of child-rearing. But to be honest, it’s for anyone who’s ever faced this truth; that it’s 5.30am, the kids aren’t going back to sleep – and it’s your turn.


3 thoughts on “Urban Dadding

  1. Great to read your blog. Freelance life definitely has its perks; it’s great you’re getting to know her so well, tantrums included. I love how Dom and Belle have their own jokes and can just imagine them teasing each other the same way in 20 years. Looking forward to more, Anna

    • Hi Anna, thanks for your message! Yes, freelance life definitely has an upside – I’d never have spent so much time with my daughter otherwise. I’m aiming to post more this week on a question you will certainly be able to help with so please stay tuned!

  2. Freelance rocks – even if that does make you the general dog body from time to time. Living life on my terms is something I love.

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